Mini sandwiches (minimum 10 pieces)

  • Baltic: fresh salmon, sorrel, salad, squid ink bread
  • Beet: tomme Vaudoise, red cabbage, bread with beet juice
  • Bresaola: Italian dried meat, rucola, parmesan, half-seigle bread
  • Crabmeat and corn, saffron brioche bun
  • Fromage frais: fromage frais, chives, salad, spinach bread
  • M.Seguin: goat cheese, onion confit, prune bread
  • Salmon: smoked salmon, alfalfa sprouts, dill, multigrain bread
  • Smoked trout: smoked trout fillet, celery, salad, corn bread
  • Dried meat: Italian dried meat, gherkin, farmhouse bread
  • Ham and butter delight


Baltic, Beet, Bresaola, Crab, Fresh cheese, M.Seguin, Salmon, Smoked trout, Dried meat, Ham delight

Mini sandwiches (minimum 10 pieces)