Explore our Tarte Citron, an explosion of fresh, tangy flavours. This delicious pastry features a crisp crust filled with a slightly tangy lemon cream, topped with lemon zest. Perfect for a sweet break, it offers a balanced, refreshing taste experience with every bite.

Cream, milk, cornstarch, gelling agent: edible gelatin (pork), dextrose, wheat starch, fruit pectin (E400ii, E450i, dextrose, E341iii), glucose, fresh fruit, pistachio, flaked almonds, cocoa powder, wheat flour, butter, eggs, iodized table salt, vinegar, vanilla, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sodium lecithin. soy, E 172, E 102, E 110


Ø 14 cm (3 people), Ø 16cm (4 people), Ø 18cm (6 people)

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